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AMI constantly seeks out ways for our clients to save money, gain efficiencies and meet compliance standards. Transitioning some meetings online produces significant value in these areas and is key to a successful overall meeting strategy.

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Our Virtual Meeting programs offer you a strong adjunct web-based strategy with many format options: video conferencing, web casting, web conference/collaboration, and audio conference calls.

Moving a meeting online must be carefully balanced with the overall strategy of the program, the audience’s make-up and historical measurement. While not all meetings can be moved online, AMI has the expertise, technology and recruitment strategies to help you determine the virtual aspects of your overall program.

Consider the following benefits of implementing virtual meetings within your overall strategy:

  • Mitigate travel expenses: Reduce accommodations and food and beverage travel costs by 40%-60% from a standard program, or eliminate costs entirely
  • Availability: Online meetings allow in-office or at-home training, reducing time away from attendees’ commitments. On-demand programs or a choice of meeting times allow for maximum flexibility
  • Lower internal corporate costs: Mitigate the significant cost of taking executives, managers and staff out of the corporate environment
  • Shorter time to market: While ample time must still be allowed for recruitment strategies, web conference lead-times are significantly shorter with the use of automated email announcements and sign up through and other tools
  • Global access: People around the world can meet instantly, all they need is a computer and a good Internet connection
  • Interactivity tools: With many of these products, attendees have the ability to ask questions, annotate slides, create surveys/polls with results displayed on the screen, share desktops or applications, receive audience chat or feedback, and more
  • Archive capabilities: Conferences can be recorded and shared or played back later
  • More structure: Since they’re usually a specific time period, there is less opportunity for audience members to interrupt, go off-topic, or exceed the time allotted

Aspects of successful recruitment programs

AMI’s proprietary program ensures high-level response to online meetings, merging successful recruitment strategies with new technologies. It includes:

  • Systematic recruiting processes
  • Proven recruitment timelines to monitor acceptance
  • Multi-tiered touches with phone, direct mail, and online audience generation consulting on incorporating honoraria programs (should be reviewed by your legal/regulatory department)
  • Effective lunch and dinner options to increase attendance
  • Online surveys before and during to ensure participation

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