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Meeting Types

Wow! Over 22 industries. In excess of 25 meeting types.

Yeah, we've done that.

If you can imagine it, we’ve probably done it. Working across many industries and multiple meeting types, we’ll bring a consultative approach and a wealth of knowledge and experience to your organization. Learn more about some of our most popular meeting types:


Advisory Boards

A sales rep is displaying information to the advisory board in a meeting.

Typically larger programs of high-level advisors offering feedback on a product or service in and around a specific product campaign.

Learn more about the Advisory Boards meeting type.


Annual Conferences

Annual conferences are great for networking.

An annual conference is usually driven by an association, non-profit or corporation to educate its membership or employees. Activities are usually tied to updating attendees on industry trends and speakers on current topics. Networking is also a key area of any annual conference.

Learn more about the Annual Conferences meeting type.


Congress & Convention Management

An overview look at an event center for Congress & Convention Management

Congress & Convention Management: Congress and convention management is for clients who desire a dedicated resource to manage all areas of their group’s activities in and around a specific congress or convention. Services may include setting up a hospitality suite and war rooms, managing private meetings, scheduling meetings, media junkets, press rooms, private dinners and sponsored events.

Learn more about the Congress & Co meeting type.


Dinners & Galas

Dinners and Galas are perfect for branding an event to your meeting.

Meal programs and galas are an excellent way to promote branding in a social atmosphere. AMI can develop themes and creative invites, as well as manage food & beverage requirements to execute a flawless and memorable event. We provide unique venues and themes ranging from elegant restaurant dining to large-scale ballroom parties.

Learn more about the Dinners & Galas meeting type.


Investigator Meetings

A speaker is speaking to a group during an investigator meeting

Investigator Meetings are organized by a pharmaceutical firm or Sponsor to train investigative staff or physicians about a particular study protocol and other study specific procedures. It is usually conducted to educate the investigators on procedures, policies and protocol of a specific clinical trial.

Learn more about the Investigator Meetings meeting type.



Meetings-in-a-Box is perfect for those that do not require on-site meetings

This concept is for programs that do not require on-site meeting management but require content and pre-meeting development. Areas managed may be event registration, promotional items, training materials, promotional items or sales tools, specialized flip charts, training manuals and meeting execution directions. All supplies are then shipped on-site to be managed by the client for the execution of the meeting.

Learn more about the Meetings-in-a-Box meeting type.


Pharmaceutical-Biotech Meetings

Pharmaceutical-Biotech Meetings

AMI has helped pharmaceutical and medical device companies for over a decade develop the right meeting and event plan for the life cycle of some of the industry's most well-known drugs. From Novartis, to Baxter, to Pfizer, AMI has been there guiding the way from KOL development to Sales Launch.

Learn more about the Pharmaceutical meeting type.


Product Launch Meetings

A slick designed meeting and event center for a group of prodoct launch meetings

A product launch is typically an internal program conducted for sales representatives and key internal staff to ensure everyone is fully aware of company policies, products and support regarding a new product launch. Launches encompass both educational training and motivational events. The meeting may also play a key role in motivating sales teams and building a cohesive thread of achievement for all involved in the product.

Learn more about the Product Launch Meetings meeting type.


Sales Incentive Programs

High-end incentive programs are offered to participants and members of meetings.

High-end incentive programs tied to sales goals to encourage corporate revenue objectives. Programs include amenities, site selection, agenda, travel, logistics, management and execution.

Learn more about the Sales Incentive Programs meeting type.


Sales Meeting Management

A sales meeting management event is underway.

Turn-key national and regional sales meeting planning includes: site selection, amenities, agenda, travel, logistics, meeting management and execution. A turn-key management strategy allows for the seamless presentation to the sales force and allows management to focus on core objectives at the meeting. We handle all logistics, planning and execution—all you have to do is show up!

Learn more about the Sales Meeting Management meeting type.


Sales Training Meetings

Sales Training Meetings are great to close the deal and meet sales targets.

Programs designed to work with sales forces to close the deal and meet sales targets, these programs often include product training, human resource updates and systems training. The overall goal is to boost the knowledge of product and sales confidence for attendees.

Learn more about the Sales Training Meetings meeting type.


Tradeshow Management

Welcome to the technology showcase at the Tradeshow Management event.

The development, design and management of all areas of booth execution. These may include booth personnel, promotional item acquisition, creative services, booth management and content management in and around a tradeshow booth.

Learn more about the Tradeshow Management meeting type.


Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings transitions live programs to web-based solutions.

AMI’s Live-2-Web Meeting Program transitions live programs to web-based solutions, allowing our clients the ability to have a strong, adjunct web-based strategy for programs that can be moved to the web. Online meetings allow in-office or at-home training which reduces time away from other commitments. Multiple times can be set up, allowing a choice of meeting times as well as on-demand options for maximum flexibility. AMI’s program ensures high level response to on-line meetings.

Learn more about the Virtual Meetings meeting type.


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